7 Time Management Hacks to Advance Your Career

Our careers are often measured by how productive we are daily and the quality of the tasks and projects we complete each day. The more you can do in less time, while still meeting or exceeding standards requirements, the faster your career trajectory rises. To help you get the most out of each day and keep you on a strong path, we’ve put together a few hacks to help you shine:

Plan Out Your Week

Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes at either the beginning of your week to create a complete list of what you must accomplish. Make sure to note what you must do and any specific due dates. If you find yourself stressing about future tasks over the weekend, you can also tackle this task at the end of the day on Friday for a little peace of mind — and it’s a great tool to check against your Monday list to make sure everything is covered.

Rank Your To-Do List

With your weekly plan in hand, run through it with an eye for due dates and priorities. Rank each day’s items in order of importance. Rankings are the best way to ensure you tackle what’s most important when the inevitable distraction rears its head.

Delegate What You Can

One of the hallmarks of a good leader is the ability to spread out the work as appropriate. Delegate lower priority tasks on your list if possible to ensure that you’ve got the time to focus on what needs to be done. You can put your time and effort into what’s most important for your position and career, while also demonstrating one of the core qualities you need to lead.

Shift Procrastination to Productivity

Every now and again, you’re going to want to push your task away and check your phone or goof off for a minute. You can use these opportunities to focus on low-priority items that don’t take as long or are less intricate than your big projects, but only for a few minutes. Your brain still gets the break it craves, but you’re remaining productive and won’t get caught in a position that may harm your career.

Don’t Multitask

While we were once told that multitasking is the best way to advance your career — and articles celebrated those who accomplished hundreds of things each day — research now shows they not only did lower quality work but that multitaskers risk a much higher level of burnout early in the day and early in their careers. Stick to one task at a time and try to remove all other distractions, including email.

Schedule Email Time Blocks

Email and social media are some of the biggest productivity killers because they pull you out of your current task and create a sense of urgency that isn’t necessarily earned. Set aside time to check your email and any work-related social media accounts, and try to avoid them outside of this timeframe. The best schedule is usually early in the morning, just before or after lunch, and then as a break in your afternoon.

Use Only Helpful Tools

And app that takes up 30 minutes of your time without accomplishing a goal is probably hurting your productivity or the attention you can give to your tasks. Restrict tool usage to what you can see provide a real benefit. One of the most popular items for improving your career path, according to career experts, is a checklist that allows you to track repetitive tasks. This reduces errors and makes sure you’re getting everything done each time it is due.

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